Fashion should be FUN, make you SMILE and NOT be taken to serious !

My name is Mathilde. Maybe you know me better as @Myrainbowfeeling. I?m the founder and creative mind behind My rainbow tee.

I was born and raised in a small town on Lolland where being different turned people´s heads around. I moved to Copenhagen when I was 19. Today i´m 29 and I still turn people heads around. Walking on rainbows in the grey Scandinavia just makes people´s heads turn and smile.

I see life as my colorful playground and I never intend to grow up. My head has always been a chaos of ideas, dreams and creativity all eager to come out and play.

I believe in treating everyday like Friday, chasing dreams, making room for diversity and to love yourself exactly as you are. – And not be afraid to express that in the way you look.
With a goal of spreading a little colorful and happy confetti into the grey Scandinavia I created my rainbow_tee. A brand made to make you smile and remind you of… Remind you of different subjects I find important in my own life and which I’m sure also is important in yours.

My mission is to inspire YOU guys out there to be who ever you are and wear exactly want you want and to just be HAPPY.

Loose fits, colorful prints and a touch of pink bubblegum is my signature. “The value collection” is the foundation of my rainbow_tee and will have a permanent stay. Other collections will be limited.

Size is not important and thats why most of my designs will be made in a loose unisex fit. I want everyone who wants, to wear them and to be playful within the different collections.

I create all my PRINTLOVE together with the talented Alice aka @foxyjones who has a unique ability to make my ideas become real. With my head, her hands and our common passion for the magical and quirky we create unique and happy prints all made to make you smile and remind you of…

<3 Mathilde