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“Sometimes all you need is a little splash of color”

I don´t think anyone doubt that I LOOOVE colors and use them on daily basis but for the first time in my life I needed them more than just to make me “look pretty”.

While being on sickleave I have thought a lot about why it gives me the feeling of peace inside when I “go into my closet” and play around with my wardrobe. And then it came to my mind; Its actually not the clothes itselves. Its the colors on the clothes. The colors do effect my inner balance and thats why I feel so much better when I dress up in my colors. Wearing colors simply makes me feel more happy and empowering. Like a vitamin boost !

To me colors are not just a part of some palette. To me colors are something that effect my mood, my feelings and my body. When I find the “perfect” new color combo it can actually give me the butterflies in my stocmach knowing that I will wear that color combo the next day 🙂

Last week I spend in my Home Town at my parents and funny enough I read an article in one of my mum´s magazines called:

This is how colors effect your life – and this is how you use them”.

“I knew it ! I knew colors had a deeper meaning than just to be pretty for the eye !” I got my “own” color theory confirmed. Its proven that colors do have a physical and mental effect on your mood and health. Pretty cool right ? So if we all could learn how to use the right colors in the right situations in our dailey life we would feel much more in harmony. We need all colors from the palette to feel complete. Not an easy one though !

After my sickleave from work some days has of course felt a bit (a lot) grey and black cause being in a stressed out body which you can´t escape from is a really tough situation so imagine if I was sitting at home “wearing that feeling” in a pair of grey joggings and a black tee looking at the sun from my couch !! Im convinced I would have felt super depressed and even more sick if that was the case. No no !! I have jumped into my colors almost every day and im sure it has helped me to hold up my mood while my body has been down.

I defiantly want to explore, experiment and be more aware of the colors I wear in different situations in the future. Could be super fun to feel the actual effect when you wear GREEN, YELLOW, PINK etc in a specific situation right ?! 🙂


Mathilde <3

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  • I believe in colours too. If I am not wearing a colour in my outfit, I feel dull and depressive. I can’t wear all neutral outfits for a long time now that I’ve discovered colour

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