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“Life is a balance between rest and movement” – A wise man said

After walking on thin line for quite a while trying my best to balance between my work life and private life I tilted off the line. About two weeks ago I simply lost my balance, I could´nt hold my position anymore, my body turned on its red lamp and I saw myself laying there fluttered the white flag. I had to listen and pause for a while.

So now im here… On sickleave from work so my body can get some rest and recover from a long time overload. Its like a flu you can´t see.. And the cure for this kind of “flu” is peace, sleep, doing things that makes you happy and more peace.

One thing that makes me happy and at the same time relax is to dress. Sounds a bit superficial thinking about my situation, right? But it really helps me relax when I go “into my closet” and come up with new styling ideas. I guess you can call it the “art of dressing.” Like a painter in front of his white canvas I go into my creative bubble and only think of colors, prints and silhouttes for a while.

Another thing that makes me relax and happy is to go for a walk or a run in Mother Nature. It brings so much peace to my mind so I have decided that this, among other things of course, will be the “stress” cure for me; Dressing up, when I have the energy, and go for a walk or a run in Mother Nature every day. Thats a pretty good shake !

The other side of this “dressing up” thing is when I post my outfits to all you guys out there in my hope to inspire you ! Inspire you to be more of yourself and wear whatever that makes your heart beat and stop thinking about what everyone else think ! Or maybe just inspire you to dare putting on that pink sweater instead on the black one.. Or maybe I don´t inspire you at all and only put I tiny smile on your face.. But thats OK too 🙂

The last couple of weeks I have´nt posted as many pictures as I usually do. First of all because I needed rest from everything but also because it feels weird to post a picture on instagram looking your “best” when your not.. What will people think ? “Is´nt she on sickleave ?” “She dosn´t look sick at all !!” “bla bla bla…”

And no… I don´t look sick on the outside but baby ! You should have seen my inside. Before my sickleave it felt like my body was shaking my inside every day desperately trying to get my attention in different mean ways but I just kept ignoring it hoping it would disapear but it did´nt. -And it sure takes time for your body to forgive you ! I can tell you that much !

So don´t judge what you can´t see. Its just me trying to get back on track 🙂

Im looking so much forward to be back in business but until then:


Love <3


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