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“Dreams do come true if only we wish hard enough” – Peter Pan

Dreams is a funny size right ?

Some dreams are big. Some dreams are small. Or maybe the smallest dreams are actually the biggest ones ? A big dream for me is maybe a small dream to you and the other way around.

I dream a lot these days or actually I dream a lot every day. I love to dream. It makes me set new goals for myself  and my life in general. Big as small. I chase them till I catch them ! Some takes longer to catch than others but I believe that all dreams can come true if they are ment to happen and if you just believe hard enough in them. Just like Peter Pan wisely said it once 😉

I admire the people in my life who stubbornly follow their dreams and make them happen no matter what it takes. They make me so proud and motivate me to keep doing the same.

At the moment my dreams are pretty big and im sure they will come true if I just sqeeze my eyes hard enough and dare to follow them.

Dream on <3

Love Mathilde

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