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“SHOE´s SPEAK louder than WORDS”

Few weeks ago I finally got the chance to go to one of IDA DAKAR´s POP UP stores. Oh Lord ! If I just had a million. I have never seen so many pretty shoes in one place.

I mean ! Check them out !! My favorite color YELLOW and my favorite color number two PINK  in one perfect print combination on one perfect shoe ! SHOE LOVE big time !

Even better is the concept which totally gives me that famous RAINBOW feling and after my opinion makes the shoes even more cool.

IDA DAKAR creates unique handmade shoes and accessories produced in Dakar, Senegal and Vest Africa. IDA DAKAR makes sure all the amazing shoemakes works for a fair paycheck and under great working conditions.

The fokus of the IDA DAKAR is to create jobs/business for creative young people in Senegal and to offer the most crazy cool shoes on the Danish and European market.  – I Think they have succeeded pretty much on that part already ? 🙂

BONUS info:

I´ve heard a webshop is in the making and should be up and running sometimes in July !!

Cant wait for that to happen even though I can feel my credit card burning already ! But it dosen´t matter when you are supporting such a great concept and at the same time walk around in the streets wearing the coolest shoes in town. Thats kind of a win-win situation right? 🙂


Love Mathilde <3


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  • […] introducerede jer til Ida DAKAR for første gang sidste år her , og siden hen har vi haft et par møder omkring et sko shoot vi gerne vil lave sammen her indenfor […]

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