When I?m out travelling with work I sometimes have some time to kill before going home again and that time I love to spend on some quick vintage hunting.

This tuesday I spend in Århus and here I always try to find some time to drop by the vintage store SOUL SHINE. I usually find some very special vintage treasures in that store.

The day started really bad. Crazy rain and awfull traffic !! I ran like a crazy person to reach my train and luckily I made it 1 minut before departure !! Sweaty, wet and with messed up hair I was planted in the train for 4 whole hours !!

Not quite the best start of the day.

Well… Nothing is that bad that it is´nt good for something right ? So with that in mind I decided that that kind of morning was a great reason (excuse) to treat myself with some vintage goodies before going home to Copenhagen again.

SOUL SHINE did´nt let me down and I ended up with two pretty pieces. An amazing cutie pie of a dress which I wore yesterday with one of my favorite hats and black pumps. Check it out here.

The second piece I found was THIS dotted dream of a shirt !

Wauw ! Have you ever seen a more amazing shirt ?! The perfect combo of polka dots, playfulness and rainbow colors !! Whats not to love about this one?? 🙂

This styling is quite simple but I love the combination of the oversized silhouttes, my new yellow pumps and the pussybow detail.

What do you think about this outfit? Do you also have a weakness for polka dots? 🙂

Love Mathilde

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