Dress/Eltoft Vintage – Shoes/Bianco –  Clutch handmade by/ Zarakistrup


Quickly checking in to show you a few pictures of the amazing “rainbow” dress I wore at the party last Night. We did’nt had much time before the party to take outfit pictures plus it was way to windy and grey so this is the small outcome. Well well !! :-))

The dress is from Eltoft Vintage where I buy 80% of my vintage. She is the best vintage pusher ever and I actually think this is one of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen. That print ! Those colors ! It made me look and feel like a true rainbow ! And not to forget ! My yellow home and handmade clutch made by little brothers girlfriend Zara ! So pretty and so perfect for this dress right ? 🙂 If you need a clutch like that in your life you can get in touch with her here 

The party was more than fantastic and today I feel more like a grey sky than a rainbow…

But its okay cause I know Mrs. French Fries will help me to come back on track again !! :-))

Happy sunday !

Love Mathilde

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  • Viktoria

    FIN! Kan du lage en tutorial på hvordan du knytter det prikkete skjerfet/headpiece?

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    • Tusind TAK 🙂 <3
      Ja, jeg har faktisk tænkt på det. Der er mange som har spurgt på netop det, soooo !!! Its coming up ! Haha ;-))

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