Rainbow 5rainbow 8Rainbow 3Rainbow 7Rainbow 2Rainbow 4Rainbow 6“A RAINBOW is a colorful promise of SUN after RAIN and so pretty that the only thing it makes you wanna do is to stop up, SMILE and take a picture !”

(My)rainbowfeeling is the feeling I get when I wear some beautiful colors, some over the top graphics, a fantastic color combo, a surprising detail or a funny print.

(My)rainbowfeeling is also the feeling I get when I?m together with my one and only curly man, my amazing family or my fantastic friends.

(My)rainbowfeeling is the feeling I get when a stranger comes up to me on a rainy day and gives me a sweet compliment ! It?s the feeling I get when I feel I do a difference at work or when people are helping each other out without expecting something in return, it?s the feeling I get when I make other people smile and make them feel special.

(My)rainbowfeeling is the feeling I get when I dance, when I?m drinking bubbles on a Saturday night, eating chocolate in bed, drinking my morning coffee while putting on my mascara or making pancakes just for myself.

This is only the frosting on the cake that gives me that special rainbowfeeling but one thing is for sure ! Nothing feels better than the feeling of one thousand colorful butterflies flying around in my stomach.

To me colors are not only something you see but also something you feel !

Love Mathilde



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