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I guess when you start to follow a new blog you get pretty curious about that person and want to know more right ?

At least thats how I feel about the persons I follow and find inspiring :-))

So I have listed 10 (what the) FACTS about myself.

And it goes like this … Enjoy !

1. Im only 156 cm tall

2. Im super jealous on my curly Mans hair !! I want those pretty cuuuuurls on MY head !!!

3. I never wear exactly the same outfit twice. I always add some kind of new detail to it if I wear some kind of the same outfit. Its just never gives me the same rush to wear exactly the same outfit more than once without adding a new touch to it.

4. 6 out of 7 days i wear lipstick. My curly man hates it cause my lips are almost never “ready to kiss” without him wearing pink or red lips aswell, but as im trying to explain to him; “Its like playing football without an football”

5. Since I was 16 i have nailpolished my nails. Never one day without. Thats actually quite crazy when I think about it and its probably not very healthy either. But .. Whatever! Death have to have a reason right ? Haha !

6. Before Monki I worked freelance with styling and makeup.

7. Old people with advanced style inspires me so much ! Just got the book “advanced style, older and wiser” from one of my best friends in a belated Birthday present. Oh Lord ! It makes me SO Happy and full of inspiration. Both outfit wise but also their approach to life  is just so inspiring <3

8. I spend 30 min every day on making my mascara perfect ! Thats 182 hours in one year !!! Whats wrong with me ?? Haha !!

9. If I have decided to put on a outfit the day before and its suddenly turns out to be a snowstorm the day after nothing can make me change my mind about my outfit choice even though its contains summer sandals and cropped pants. My brain just dosent work like that ! I totally black out and dont know what to wear at all ! So I have to deal with a cold if thats what it takes.

10. My wardrobe contains 40% vintage, 30% Monki, 10% more expensive stuff & 20% head accessories.


Love Mathilde

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