Hello World !


Finally !

After years of wanting to create my own blog its actually happening as we speak. Wuhu !

I always find it so hard to explain who I am. But let me try to introduce myself anyways.

My name is Mathilde, im 28 & I live in Copenhagen with my beautiful curly man. I Work for the powerful and brave brand MONKI as what you call an Area Visual. To make a long story short it means that I work with all the amazing visuals in the Norwigian and Danish stores and make sure they know and can what they are supposed to.

You can find me on instagram if you search for: myrainbowfeeling where I almost post an outfit on dailey basis 🙂

Besides all that I have a passion for colors and dressing up in general. Its makes my heart beat and my mind happy when I wear amazing and colorful outfits. But you know what ? Its actually not about all the colors even though I rarely wear any black pieces. Its about to dare. Dare being yourself and feel good in your own skin.

So I think what im trying to say is that I hope this blog will inspire you to be exactly who you wants to be and wear whatever that makes your heart beat !

I probably wont post on Daily basis to begin with, cause blogging takes a lot of time I’ve heard and I dont have much of that so I will post when I feel I have something on my heart to share with you guys out there 🙂

I hope you will join my blogger journey which will start… Now !

Love Mathilde





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